Summer Wagashi Experience

Summer Wagashi Experience

Wagashi are the traditional Japanese desserts that are often served during the tea ceremony and are usually made with bean paste and some type of mochi flour. Let’s try our hand to make summer wagashi. We will also enjoy lunch together of chilled noodles and several side dishes. Wagashi – traditional nerikiri and nishikidama reflecting the summer season of flowers and the sea and are meant to evoke cool breezes and a refreshing break from the summer heat.

Lunch – Hiyashi chuka – a popular cold ramen dish of chilled noodles topped with julienned cucumbers, fried egg slices and ham and drizzled with your choice of sauce either miso sesame, soy sauce or spicy chili. Japan has adopted this dish, and it is very popular in summer as a refreshing lunch or light dinner.

Side dishes – seasonal pickled vegetables; chilled tofu with grated ginger and green onions; carrot salad; chikuwa

Friday, June 7th 2024
10:30AM to 1:30PM
minimum 3 people, maximum 6 people
¥7,000 (tax incl) all ingredients included

*Cancellations accepted until 2 days prior to the workshop