SUMI-E Japanese Ink Painting Workshop

SUMI-E Japanese Ink Painting Workshop

SUMI-E Japanese Ink Painting Workshop

Sumi-e is a style of monochrome painting characterized by the use of just two things, black ink (sumi) and water. Deceptively simple, sumi-e artists make use of these two seemingly mundane materials to create a complex world of light, form, and even texture. 

 Discover the beauty of traditional Japanese ink painting with Mamiko who will guide you through this ancient art form using various ink brush techniques and will also allow you to let your artistic imagination run free and use colors, for example.

  • She will explain which basic tools are needed for sumi-e: Japanese brushes, ink, paper and colors
  • She will teach how to make your own ink
  • She will teach how to hold the brush, and will give you posture tips 
  • She will practice basic brush strokes

For beginners, we provide the paper. If you don’t have your own tools (brushes, ink stones, ink sticks etc), you may rent them at the class. If you consider continuing Sumi-e, we recommend you to purchase your own tool set for practice. 

Please find below the schedule of the workshops.

Each class will be from 2:00 pm to 5:00pm.

The fee for 1 class will be 7,000¥ (tax included, paper included)

Rental fee for tools will be 1,000¥ (tax included)

Location: Hiroo 3chome, Shibuya-Ku (3min by foot from the Red Cross Medical Center) We will let you know the exact address, once you have registered.

To register, please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. Payment instructions will be sent to you after sign up. Cancellations will be accepted up to 2 days before the classes (if you need to cancel after that, you will still be charged full price, or you can find someone that can take your spot).

In the case that only one person signed up, we will have to cancel the class.

Mamiko Takamoto
From Monday, September 16 to Monday, December 9
2:00PM to 5:00PM
Minimum 2 people, Maximum 6 people
7,000¥ (tax included, paper included) 1,000¥ for rental of tools

*Cancellations accepted until  2 days prior to the workshop


①Monday, September 16  ②Monday, September 30  ③Monday, October 7  ④Monday, October 28  ⑤Monday, November 11  ⑥Monday, November 25  ⑦Monday, December 9