ABOUT One by One One by Oneについて

One by One Representative Hedwig Schreck, Director Hideyuki Hayashi

I was born and raised in Tokyo and have constantly been in touch with Japanese culture, whether traditional, modern or avant-garde.
I have always been and still am fascinated by its beauty and creativity and would like to share my passion with both, foreigners living in Japan and Japanese.
Together with my partner, we hope to attract many people to THE SCHRECK HOUSE, a house which was built more than 60 years ago by my parents and which has recently been renovated. We hope that many of you will appreciate and enjoy the location and the variety of cultural activities, authentic classes, workshops and events that will be offered.
You may also design your own events by renting our space.

One by One
Representative Hedwig Schreck
Director Hideyuki Hayashi